Explantation Chamber Support Program (CSP)



Note from Prof. Dr. Claus Martin Muth:
DECO International; Chamber Support Program (CSP card): As of 1998
To clarify some misunderstandings, here is some information regarding to CSP
DECO is a non-profit organization dedicated to making e the Red Sea safer. It goes back to the initiative of the German-Arab doctor Dr. med. Fadel El Fayoumi, who , as a diver and a regular guest on the Red Sea, was annoyed with the lack of Service supply. At that time there was only the Magawish mono chamber in Hurghada, or the chamber in Sinai. In the case of emergency, too far away.
With the founding of El Gouna, Dr. Fayoumi convinceds its founder to integrate a hyperbaric chamber in the very efficient hospital in the city, which offers a 24-hour emergency services.
The financing of the Chamber Operation is expensive and developing it was difficult. There are international role models, but  no chamber in the world can finance itself exclusively with the treatment of diving accidents. there are simply too few diving accidents (fortunately) even on the Red Sea, and as a result, there is incomplete financing. The board of the DECO decided on a voluntary contribution , which can be paid by the divers at the dive centers. As a token of appreciation , these divers receive the CSP card from the dive center, which include an emergency treatment, without first having to deal with the bureaucratic formalities that are unfortunately necessary. This is just a vote of confidence from our sponsors. If you do not have a CSP card, you will be asked for a credit card or international health insurance , before the treatment. Of course, in Case of emergency, everyone receives medical care, whether with or without a CSP card. The CSP card is therefore not a further insurance, but is meant to cover the financing of DECO. Without the voluntary contribution, the continuation of the hyperbaric chambers would not be guaranteed in the long term. Surplus profits are invested in additional hyperbaric chambers.
As already mentioned, the CSP card is distributed through the dive centers. All instructors are regularly trained  in order to pass on the DECO program and deliver important medical information to the divers. They  receive a small commission from us for the promotion of the CSP .

With this information,we hope to have cleared up any misunderstandings that arose from the false disclosure of information.


Present condition 2019

Fortunately, most divers have a foreign health insurance, so we can settle most diving accidents with the appropriate insurance. In the event that the diver has no insurance, the CSP card still covers the initial treatment in the chamber which, this can be more than 7000 euros and also includes other benefits.
If the CSP cardholder has insurance, treatment is covered by the Insurance. We consider the 4 euros as support and offer
the diver additional services after the handling of all the necessary formalities and contacts to his Insurance. These services include:
50% discount on diving fitness test.
50% discount on all medical examinations.
50% discount on hyperbaric chamber rides and much more ..

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